Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your free trial?

 Generally we find that 7 days works for most teams, but we’ll work with you to provide an optimal trial experience. Click here to request a free trial.

What kind of setup fees are there?

 None. We will help you choose the right product or service, and provide it to you for a very reasonable monthly subscription.

How much extra is phone support?

 Zero. We provide technical support to your team at no additional cost over the phone and through our online ticketing system. We strive to respond to nearly every request made before the end of business that day.

How does Benzinga source its news?

 We write our own stories, and often break news as well. News is also accessed through our partnerships or scraped from publicly available information. All content is filtered to determine the validity of the news.

What are you using as your measure of accuracy?

We do a nightly comparison against competitors. The measure is simply the number of EPS/Revenue reports that are correct vs not correct. Any numbers that we cannot confirm, we remove from our comparison.

For EPS/Revs, the process involves going into individual press releases to see where the discrepancies come from, which are usually from numbers and figures that are tucked within paragraphs or tables.

For future dates, we scan press releases for the dates, if no dates are found, we have team of analysts that calls the IR departments to confirm the date. Again, this is number of correct vs incorrect, with ones we cannot verify removed from the comparison.

What technology is your API built on?

 All of our API’s are built using the latest technology, a mix between PHP, NodeJS, Python and Java. The end client content-specific API’s are primarily PHP and NodeJS.

How do I get the data?

Data can be delivered via API, FTP, TCP and/or RSS. More info about our API.

Do you have any hedge fund users?

Yes. We have dozens of institutional/hedge fund clients. Including some of the biggest quant firms totaling over 5B-20B+ in AUM. Contractually, we are unable to disclose the actual names of the firms.

How big is the Benzinga team?

We have over 40 employees and another 50+ all around the world contributing to the Benzinga vision everyday. By the way, We’re hiring!