SESAMm specializes in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Asset Management ( We build analytics and investment signals based on 250,000 textual data sources worldwide using Natural Language Processing and specifically emotions analysis. We work with major hedge funds and asset managers worldwide. Our alternative data is accessible through a web platform and an API. We also help clients build quantitative and fundamental investment use cases.


L’Humeur des Marchés includes:

  • Unique alternative data set
  • +250 000 data sources
  • Thousands of financial assets available: indices, stocks, Forex, commodities, bonds and crypto-currencies


Platform features

  • Filter by data sources (news, social trading, blogs, forums, discussions)
  • Filter by language (English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese …)
  • “Financial” Vs “Non-Financial” Filter
  • Back-testing and alert module on an unlimited number of strategies
  • Portfolio construction module


API features

  • Daily, hourly & minute data available
  • Multiple filters available
  • Up to 5 years of live and historical data available
  • Exclusive analytics


Alpha use cases available:

  • Systematic Trading – Daily Long/Short Indices Futures
  • Quantitative Trading – Weekly Long/Short Equity
  • Discretionary Fundamental – Long-term Growth Trends Luxury Stocks
  • Automatic ESG rating using specific textual data sources


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