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Jiji Press offers accurate news, information and data to subscribers in Japan and abroad. Accuracy and speed are vital to our services, delivered to about 140 newspapers, broadcasters and publishers throughout the country and also to the general public directly via the Internet. In addition to media, we also serve a wide variety of subscribers, such as businesses, government agencies and other entities, with specialized news services that bring financial and securities market developments, commodities prices and central and local administration information to the readers. Jiji’s news is conveyed instantaneously to foreign exchange and stock market participants, often resulting in major market price moves. A second counts in our market news coverage in Tokyo, New York, London and other major foreign markets. Jiji Press gathers massive news and photos from all over the world filed by its own correspondents at about 30 bureaus abroad and by international news agencies like Reuters and AFP. Its news services reach subscribers both in Japan and abroad as well as Japanese diplomatic establishments in foreign countries. Jiji Press also provides English-language political, economic and financial news to foreign media and financial institutions.

News Services:

We also provide the following English services in addition to a wide variety of Japanese services:

Jiji-Win: JIJI-WIN reaches the world with Japan’s political, economic, financial, corporate and securities news. It is outstanding in terms of quality, quantity and speed, with a daily dispatch of over 60,000 words. JIJI-WIN is widely used by media and institutional investors both at home and abroad, and also carried by Reuters on its terminals installed throughout the world. It is also available in the world’s major databases such as Reuters Business Briefing, LEXIS/NEXIS, FTI,UMI and others.

Jiji Press News on the Web: Jiji Press News on the Web keeps readers abreast of the latest developments in Japan across a whole range of specialized fields. In an era of rapid change, it is an essential tool for Japan watchers around the globe.
The Internet-based service provides up-to-the-minute information on economic and corporate activities in Japan. It also reports important policy decisions by the Japanese government, backed up by analysis and comment from knowledgeable business leaders and monetary policymakers. Jiji Press News on the Web takes readers straight to the heart of Japan’s political, corporate and economic world.

The service brings together top stories and vital information from Jiji’s worldwide news-gathering network, which extends beyond Japan to 29 overseas bureaus and their staff reporters.
The service is the only single source of its kind, providing over 120 stories per day in 10 main categories, backed by news flashes covering the latest stories as they break. Its features also include charts of foreign exchange and other financial market information.

The service covers virtually all of Japan’s major economic and industrial statistics, and has an international reputation for being quick, concise, easy to read and, above all, reliable.

The service is available at affordable prices, with a free trial service to be provided upon request.

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