Future Earnings Dates


Future Earnings Dates

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Data is monitored by three analysts and confirmed by an additional set of eyes to provide incredibly accurate and fast future date information. Analysts monitor press releases, investor relations websites, conferences and call dozens of companies daily.

Most data companies will predict future dates via an algorithm and simply leave it at that. At Benzinga, we take this process steps further to provide you with one of the most accurate offerings in the business. Our process, which combines the use of predictive models and manual verification, is the driving force behind the quality of our future earnings dates.

Our Process

Once our algorithm suggests a date for a future earnings report, our team of 3 analysts works to confirm the date by scanning the company’s recent press releases.

If the date can’t be confirmed via a press release, the analyst monitors a variety of other sources, including investor relation websites and conferences.

Finally, if a date cannot be confirmed via the web, one of our analyst calls the investor relation department to verify the date.

Our Difference

Check out how we stack up against one our main competitors in a recent comparison, measured in number of correct dates over 1 week and 2 week horizons.



Delivery Methods

Pull-based XML/JSON API

The Fine Print

Future earnings dates are accurate 40 to 60 days in advance and are updated by our analysts daily. Future earnings dates are sold separately from our earnings product.

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Future Earnings Dates

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