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EPS & Revenue

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The cleanest figures allow peace of mind when comparing data to analyst expectations. Investors can also build the most reliable models without concern that one-time adjustments will distort projections.

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Corporate Earnings Calendar

Benzinga’s EPS & Revenue data powers applications and brokerages across the world with intuitive API integration. Our data is flexible, meaning it can be displayed however is most impactful for your platform.


Our Difference

When Netflix reported its Q1 earnings in April, media outlets reported earnings of $0.38 per share. What wasn’t taken into account was $0.39 of foreign currency charges, which were not factored into guidance or Wall Street expectations.

Benzinga’s team spotted this, got on the phone with analysts and reported comparable earnings of $0.77, not $0.38. This turned what looked like a 44.9 percent miss into an 11.5 percent beat. And the stock soared.


Delivery Methods

Pull-based XML/JSON API

The Fine Print

Earnings data is delivered within two hours of the company issuing results, prioritized by a smart size and popularity algorithm. Benzinga covers the Wilshire 5000 plus an additional 1,000 U.S.-listed equities. Server uptime is guaranteed at 99.95 percent.

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EPS & Revenue

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