Dividends data is a critical factor when assessing the performance of a stock over time. Benzinga has a robust historical database of dividends and is a key player in predicting accurate future ex-dividend rates, record dates, and pay dates. Our clients rely heavily upon the accuracy of our data to best position their portfolios to meet their investment goals.

A company’s future dividend date is predicted through our proprietary algorithm, and cross-referenced by our data analysts. As the ex-dividend date approaches, our team of analysts work to ensure any company announcements are reflected in the dataset.

Data field descriptions

IDUnique ID of the output
isinISIN identifier
tickerTicker symbol
nameCompany name of the security
exchangeExchange the security is traded on
frequencyAnnual dividend frequency occurrence (4 = quarterly)
dividendDividend amount per share
dividend_priorDividend that was issued prior
dividend_typeType of issuance (cash or stock)
dividend_yieldDividend expressed as a percentage of a current share price
ex_dividend_dateDate of the ex-dividend Format: YYYY-MM-DD
payable_dateDate of the payable dividend Format: YYYY-MM-DD
record_dateDate of the record date Format: YYYY-MM-DD
importanceImportance of the action (scale of 0-5) 0 = least important
updatedLast updated timestamp (UNIX)

Benzinga’s data samples are intended to provide a data sample large enough for testing data quality and application for the financial markets. These sample files demonstrate a sample of the formats and content that can be delivered.

Please refer to docs.benzinga.io for all your API integration needs, including parameter queries and a look at our entire offerings.