dxFeed Bookmap


dxFeed Bookmap


Best Visualization + Best Market Data = Best Trading Decisions



dxFeed Bookmap is an innovative data visualization tool and offers an advanced interface to monitor the dynamics of Depth of Market (DOM) and the evolution of the order book.

Supports all US equities traded on:

  • Cboe
  • Nasdaq

Supports the following data feeds:

  • Cboe EDGX with full depth order book
  • Nasdaq TotalView with full depth order book
  • Nasdaq Last Sale

Key Advantages for Traders

  • Advanced charting visualization
  • Watch market liquidity and the intentions of market participants
  • Find hidden patterns and trade signals
  • Real time & Replay view of all US stocks
  • High quality order flow analysis
  • The same level of data quality and low latency that until now was only available for large trading firms

Utilizing dxFeed Bookmap, traders will be better equipped to answer the following questions:

  • How did the size at each price level change over time?
  • What happened to a certain level when the price moved towards it?
  • Are there additional strong concentrations of liquidity below or above the current price?
  • What was the volume traded around these price levels?
  • What is the activity on the other side of the order book?


  • Global Edition

    • Starts from $108/month
      • Supports digital currecnies
      • Realtime full depth data
      • Innovative heatmap view
      • Order flow visualization
      • One click trading in simulation
      • Real time one-click trading (GDAX)
      • Full depth historical data (24H)
      • Record and Replay
      • Supports over 10 different platforms
      • Advanced Education
  • Global Plus Edition

    • Starts from  $158/month
    • All Global version features plus:
      • One-click live trading
      • Large lot tracker
      • Imbalance indicators
      • Iceberg tracker
      • Correlation tracker
      • Advanced Education

Want to learn how to trade stocks with dxFeed Bookmap and consult our experts?

Join dxFeed Bookmap Webinar. During the Webinar, you will learn:

  • How to approach stock trading in a new way
  • How to use market microstructure for trading decisions
  • How to find hidden patterns and trade signals
  • And much more

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dxFeed Bookmap

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