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Stay up to date with all of the top corporate events with Benzinga’s Corporate newswire. Benzinga’s Corporate newswire releases 600-900 actionable, timely and accurate headlines per day keeping traders and investors ahead of the pack with what’s happening in the market.

News, not noise. The BZ Corporate Newswire concentrates on extracting information that you need to know and that moves stocks and delivering it lightning fast. From headlines surrounding earnings calls to unusual option activity alerts, Benzinga provides news that makes you money. News that doesn’t just simply inform, it arms traders with a tool to find that elusive edge.


  • 600 – 900 headlines and short articles per day
  • Hours of operation – 4am ET – 9pm ET
  • Proprietary sentiment data on each news item available through API
  • Comprehensive taxonomy for easy platform customization
  • Original content produced by the BZ Newsdesk
  • Many original sources providing breaking exclusives you won’t find anywhere else

Our Difference

The Benzinga Newsdesk is constantly focused on finding news and information that can potentially move a stock. The team continues to excel at building relationships with institutional desks, leading analysts, C-Level staff and more to bring you market moving exclusive information that makes you money. It’s that simple.

From breaking headlines to investigative research, the BZ Corporate Newswire goes to bat for real traders and investors each and everyday that opening bell rings.

With dozens of channels to choose from you can easily customize your feed to fit your project’s goals. From stock alerts to research centers Benzinga is a must for any platform or app that wants to give its clients more reasons to come back.

Coverage Includes

  • Exclusives*
  • Unusual Options Activity*
  • Hot Rumors*
  • Analyst Ratings (headlines)*
  • Commodities*
  • Forex*
  • Futures*
  • Trading Ideas*
  • Press Releases*
  • Market Updates*
  • Movers
  • IPOs
  • Earnings releases (headlines)
  • Guidance (headlines)
  • Dividends (headlines)
  • Financing
  • Offerings
  • Contracts
  • Retail Sales
  • Buybacks
  • Asset Sales
  • FDA
  • Legal
  • Management
  • Insider Trades
  • Stock Splits
  • M&A
  • Treasuries
  • ETFs

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Corporate Newswire

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