Benzinga ensures that our network of clients have access to the most relevant information to make their investment decisions. Conference calls offer the chance for institutional and individual investors alike to take part in hearing the top executives’ commentary and decisions in real time.

The conference call suite offers a complete listing of the date and time a company’s call will take place. Benzinga includes the number to call for national and international stockholders as well as the access code to dial. For those who wish to listen in while online, Benzinga provides the link to the webcast so that you can access the call from anywhere.

Data field descriptions

IDUnique ID of the output
timeTimestamp, HH:MM:SS format
nameCompany name of the security
exchangeExchange the security is traded on
tickerTicker symbol
start_timeTimestamp of the conference call, HH:MM:SS format
phone_numPhone number being used for the conference call
international_numInternational number provided for the conference call
reservation_numActivity tracked for the IPO status (Amendment = S1A)
access_codeCode to access the conference call
webcast_urlUrl for the webcast if one is being hosted
updatedLast updated timestamp (UNIX)

Benzinga’s data samples are intended to provide a data sample large enough for testing data quality and application for the financial markets. These sample files demonstrate a sample of the formats and content that can be delivered.

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