Corporate Logos

What are Corporate Logos?

Corporate Logos are designs or symbols that distinctively identify a specific company. These logos are typically trademarked, to deter others from its use. A logo has many different aspects. This includes color, shape, typeface, and symbol. Logos serve as a branding solution for firms. A great example of this is Nike. Nike’s corporate logo is the ‘’Swoosh.” It is simple with its monochromatic black and white design but also expresses motion with its fluidity.

What’s so Important About a Logo?

Logos are a powerful and influential tool in the business world. Logos are easily recognizable to the public, so individuals can make mentally connect a logo to a company, or vice versa, without difficulty. This is called brand identity and it’s extremely important in today’s financial space. Brand identity is an important aspect of a company as it gives consumers a simple understanding of what your company is and what it’s about.

The Benzinga Corporate Logo Package is now available on the BZ Cloud. Because of our full data catalog, we can provide over 2,000 corporate logos. Corporate logos are altered every day as older companies are always modifying their old designs to give a new and innovative look. In 2017, there were 160 IPOs of nascent companies with logos new to the financial space. Because of the introduction of new logos and their changes, our library of logos constantly updates. We offer a wide range of logos from most companies on major exchanges.  Our corporate logos are easy to integrate. They’re available via API and in many different formats like XML or JSON. The Benzinga Corporate Logo API is designed to be flexible with client sizing requirements. Custom filters can be applied to resize the logo and returns a variety of identifiers like ISIN and CUSIP.


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