ALR: Alere Issues Statement to Benzinga Regarding Arriva Medical Unit

DATE: 11/04/16

TIME: 11:58:18 AM


ORIGINAL ALERTAlere Issues Statement to Benzinga Regarding Arriva Medical Unit

We are confident that the Medicare claims in question were submitted in response to what were understood to be valid refill orders from Medicare beneficiaries or their caregivers, and that Arriva has not received or retained improper reimbursement for these claims. We believe this matter is a consequence of the lag in timing between when Arriva processes reimbursement requests and when the CMS system updates patient status. Arriva processed nearly 5.8 million total claims during the five-year period. We are continuing to work through the appeals process, with the goal that Arriva’s enrollment status will be reactivated retroactively to November 4, 2016.




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