Playground Datasets

Playground Datasets

Playground by Benzinga Cloud makes it easier for up-and-coming, niche data providers to offer their proprietary third-party services to the broader market.


 Quantcha is a suite of investment tools that helps you turn a good idea about a stock into a great options trade. Quantcha’s flagship Options Search Engine provides a unique way to leverage dozens of options strategies to zero in on the optimal trade for your market view. The in-depth Trade Analyzer provides an easy-to-digest risk-neutral trade review that evaluates each trade idea from every perspective to uncover potential pitfalls before you pull the trigger. With features that help you find trading opportunities, craft optimal strategies, and manage option portfolios, Quantcha provides everything you need to take your option investing to the next level.

In addition to investment tools, Quantcha also offers an API that provides access to the platform’s underlying data and functionality. Raw data feeds are available for historical and implied volatility, as well as option analytics data such as put/call ratios, forward prices, and option breakevens. For all raw data, daily history is available back to 2002. For developers looking for even deeper integration, Quantcha’s platform API offers trade idea generation, portfolio analysis, and option book management.

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 Machine-readable technologies have forever changed the way stocks trade. Individual asset prices are increasingly more susceptible to news, rumors, TV mentions, and Twitter posts. So what does it all mean? It means that this new trading environment requires a new approach—and new tools for capturing alpha. Which is where we come in.

To help you systematically react to these opportunities, we’ve developed the NewsHedge ALPHA API, a self-learning, self-adjusting technology that’s able to uncover notable price and volume velocities happening within 6,000+ individual assets, including velocities occurring instantly (milliseconds), or over a few minutes.

Download the NewsHedge ALPHA API Brochure [PDF]

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News Quantified

 News Quantified is a platform that seamlessly integrates breaking news events with the corresponding market data, delivering instant access to vital information — all in one place. Catering to a user base including financial professionals, corporate officers, market portals and business publishers, News Quantified analyzes major U.S. news feeds and regulatory filings in real time, covering all U.S.-listed stocks.

With over 100 metrics assessed, the solution offers unmatched access to the most detailed news analytics in the industry through custom reports, dashboards, a historical database and direct API integration. The platform provides users with a deep analysis of how and why a stock is moving at any given time, and helps them forecast equities’ reaction to anticipated events. In doing this, News Quantified eliminates the past separation between news and market data.

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 Datasembly collects pricing data from across the web. The Datasembly platform collects millions of price records every day, from over 2 million products in verticals including grocery, retail, and more. Our focus on hyperlocal or in-store listings provides an incredibly granular data, with prices from over 10,000 zip codes and stores across the country. Prices include in-store prices, delivery prices, circular or promotion prices, and everything else that is available online.

Below are some links to sample data sets from different retailers, and feeds (product listings, circulars, promotions, and delivery):

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 Accern is the world’s first big data media analytics provider for quantitative trading. We deliver the most comprehensive dataset of actionable trading analytics derived from over 20 million news and blog sources. Using our proprietary algorithms, we are able to capture and authenticate stories before they are saturated in the media and provide analytics such as sentiment, rankings, market impact, and much more to some of the largest hedge funds.

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 GovBrain – Political intelligence offers security price predictions based on governmental decisions and regulatory actions. These include new laws, administrative rulings, regulatory findings, legislative votes, public policy decisions, and political developments and elections. Investors and traders, using GovBrain, can leverage this information to gain a competitive advantage in their trading and investing by anticipating developments that affect various securities and contracts.

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 Vetr is an investment research platform that provides crowdsourced star ratings for stocks and delivers insights from people and news sources you follow.

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 Estimize is an open financial estimates platform which facilitates the aggregation of fundamental estimates from independent, buy-side, and sell-side analysts, along with those of private investors and students. By sourcing estimates from a diverse community of individuals, Estimize provides both a more accurate and more representative view of expectations when compared to sell-side-only data sets which suffer from several severe biases.

Download Case Study
Estimize versus Wall Street
Comparison of the Coverage, Accuracy and Alpha

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Capital Market Labs

 Capital Market Laboratories (CML) harnesses the power of visual & ‘living’ data to support investment decisions. Subscribers can analyze a single stock, a custom watchlist, an economic sector, an index or the entire database of more than 20,000 companies based on 1,000 measures of issuer risk.

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